Hi there and welcome. I’m Amanda and I’m quickly becoming an expert in distraction. It’s my way of finding ways to stay sane while I wade my way through six months of chemotherapy. I’ve a total of twenty four sesssions to get through and  this week I’m on session four, so a bit more to go… I won’t take the wellies off just yet.

So as this chemotherapy does its thing and I wade on through I find myself in the unusual position of having time on my hands. Unusual because I lead the typical busy family life. I normally work full time but am off while I go through this treatment. I’m married to Terry and we’ve a gorgeous nine year old daughter Alex who loves to bake and an adventurous twelve year old son Dylan who has a real talent for art. Like most families we fumble through the everyday things, juggling between football, horse riding and birthday parties. Organising sleepovers and trying to keep the garden tidy. We try our best to eat healthy food but sometimes give in, we can never find school bags on Monday mornings and end up fighting most evenings because everyone’s on their devices for far too long (parents included!). We live in Naas, Co Kildare and life here is hectic but fun, just juggling the everyday things. But as I said I find myself with time on my hands and looking for ways to stay sane during chemotherapy!