Time on my hands…

Hello there and welcome. If you managed to find me then I’ve hit the right buttons and published my first blog post. Even my husband is impressed, “jeez, it looks great even for you and you’re a complete technophobe!” I think that’s what we Irish call a back handed compliment  but after fourteen years of marriage I’ve become desensitised, it’s water off a duck’s back! I’m blogging because I find myself in the unusual position of having time on my  hands. Unusual because I lead the typical busy family life. I work full time, am married to Terry (wonderful Terry) we’ve a gorgeous nine year old daughter Alex who loves to bake and an adventurous twelve year old son Dylan who has a real talent for art. Like most families we fumble through the everyday things, juggling between football, horse riding and birthday parties. Organising sleepovers and trying to keep the garden tidy. We try our best to eat healthy food but sometimes give in, we can never find school bags on Monday mornings and end up fighting most evenings because everyone’s on their devices for far too long (parents included!). We live in Naas, Co Kildare and life here is hectic but fun, just juggling the everyday things.  But as I said I find myself with time on my hands. Here’s the back story…

About eight weeks ago I found myself having a teeny bit of unexpected surgery (actually it was fairly major open sugery). Long story short, I had a small growth removed that had turned a little nasty (I still can’t bring myself to use the word ‘tumour’ or even mention the ‘C’ word but I’ll work up to it in time I’m sure). I’ve been very lucky, everything was removed and nothing further found so surgery was successful for me. Nonetheless post surgery chemotherapy seems to be ‘de rigeur’ and my doctor is strongly recommending I do it. So, here I am at home recovering from surgery and facing into a six month course of chemotherapy … with time on my hands! It’s unlikely I’ll be able to return to work during my treatment so I’m imagining that family life here will be a little less hectic than usual over the coming months. Mind you at this point I’ve no idea how the chemotherapy will affect me maybe I’ll be exhausted and won’t have energy for anything!

I woke up the other morning startled, I turned and said to Terry.. “I NEED A PROJECT! Something to get my teeth into over the next six months, I’m going to have a lot of extra time on my hands. I mean after the school runs, a bit of tidying around the house and my morning coffee I’ll need something else right?” And on a slightly more serious note I also know I’ll need something to distract me from the treatment ahead.  I want to create a mental distraction for myself, a warm and inviting place that I can be willingly transported to, just incase treatment  is extra sadistic or if I have a down day.  “I could always start a blog?” I said  to Terry. “You could…” he replied. “Problem solved”  I said. “But what would I blog about?…”





4 thoughts on “Time on my hands…

  1. Hi Amanda, nice to meet you! Your first post had me thinking……I’m happy your surgery was successful and I do hope you find strength to face what lies ahead!

    Looking forward to read more of your posts!


  2. Really lovely post and I wish you all the best with your treatment. I hope your blog proves to be the distraction you need. If you want an extra challenge I would suggest learning a new language too. Personally I love it and it is definitely stimulating 😁 I look forward to reading more from you 👍🏻


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